Siberia DRH

Siberia DRH is an E-approved, double-row LED bar with a built-in heated lens. Created to give you maximum visibility regardless of the weather and road conditions. The feature is automatic, starts at 5°C, and keeps snow and ice away from the lens – without any handling by the driver. Siberia DRH is developed for the […]


Light up your vehicle with style. This is Unity Interior lights with red light. Created to provide the most stylish interior light inside your vehicle´s cabin – without preventing the view. Unity Interior lights are perfect for drivers who want to reflect their style with interior lights. The red lighting provides a stylish, indirect light […]

HI-LO Snow Plow Driving Light

Innovation for extreme weather. HI-LO is a snow plow driving light with a built-in heated lens – designed for maximum visibility and developed for the most demanding environments. Modern, slim design, in combination with high technology, make HI-LO the perfect choice for maximum visibility regardless of weather and road conditions. The feature of the heated […]