HI-LO Snow Plow Driving Light

Innovation for extreme weather. HI-LO is a snow plow driving light with a built-in heated lens – designed for maximum visibility and developed for the most demanding environments.

Modern, slim design, in combination with high technology, make HI-LO the perfect choice for maximum visibility regardless of weather and road conditions. The feature of the heated lens is automatic, starts at 5 °C, and keeps snow and ice away from the lens – without any handling by the driver.

The light comes in left and right models. Delivering several smart functions, including a fantastic high beam and low beam, an indicator, and an appealing dual-position light in amber and white that adds another dimension to the overall impression. The indicator function is also visible behind the lamp, making it easier for the driver to see when the function is in use. Perfect for heavier vehicles like plow trucks, tractors, loaders, and other equipment machinery. Especially useful on plow trucks where the plow blade usually covers the standard main headlight.

The included bracket can be mounted in the back or at the bottom of the lamp, creating more mounting possibilities and facilitating the installation. The DT connector is also built into the housing, making it even easier to perform the installation. The lens is UV-protecting and made of tempered glass. The lamp is fully E-approved, and the high beam reference number is 17,5. Standing behind our market-leading three-year function warranty.

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