Dark Knight Strobe Lights

The perfect lineup. This is the Dark Knight warning light series. A completely new type of strobe light series. Slim, dark, and stylish design. Charge with extreme power. For you who want to see and be seen on the roads and attract attention to your surroundings.

The series contains five models. 3, 4, or 6 LEDs in amber with 21 flash patterns. Available in clear or dark-tinted lenses. Delivering a powerful warning light that can synchronize up to 12 units from the series. Ready to provide you with good visibility and increase your visibility to others.

Dark slim design

A completely new type of strobe light with a slim, dark, and stylish design. Designed to perfection to take your vehicle to new levels from all angles. The finishing touch that completes your vehicle in a way that is you, both day and night.

Seamless montage

The seamless montage with a “click-on” frame gives your vehicle a slim, dark look with hidden screws. Easy to attach after the mounting. Ready to prevent stone chips and corrosion. On top of that, you can paint the frame in your desired color to suit your style and your vehicle.

Fully E-approved according to ECE R65 class 1 and class 2

When you use the strobe light series, we guarantee visibility, safety, and long-term product durability. The strobe lights are fully E-approved according to ECE R65 class 1 and class 2 and provide the highest level of security.

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